New flavour from the Turkish tradition of good food: Sucuk Doner

The doner sandwich is a tasty, hearty street food snack which has become an essential part of the food in Western Europe. Because Mediterranean food is popular here for its wealth of full flavors. The Turkish cuisine has a long tradition of good food and surprises with innovative recipes time after time. Our new taste sensation is a good example. With great pleasure we introduce this latest product of a Turkish tradition of good food: Sucuk Doner.

Fresh and fair
Sucuk Doner has long been a great success in the local lokanta and restaurants in Turkey. The idea to prepare sucuk meat on the spit was born in Afyon. This is where the traditional sucuk sausage comes from. Now is the time for Western Europe to get acquainted with this taste sensation. The sucuk doner is made with 100% halal veal. In our factories, the meat is produced in spit form. Nothing is added to the meat which has no added value for the taste or quality, so no artificial flavours or colours. Delicious spicy meat can be served as fresh grilled on a spit. Because sucuk doner is completely halal and 100% honest.

Accreditation of quality
Not only you will taste that sucuk doner is of top quality. It is also determined according to the official European standards of quality and halal requirements. Supervision of general hygiene in the production of fresh meat is qualified by the controlled HACCP system of the NVWA. This is all according to the latest EU legislation. The sucuk doner is also full FSSC 22000 certified. This is a Global Food Safety Initiative standard equal to BRC and IFS. The International Food Standard (IFS) is a standard in the field of food safety. This means that the doner sucuk not only itself meets a high quality standard, but also the entire production process meets the additional requirements in terms of food safety, organizational structure, factory environment, traceability of products, raw materials and packaging materials. The sucuk doner is also produced according to halal guidelines of the independent Halal Quality Control (HQC). Thus, it is made not only with taste, but also with respect to food and nature prepared.

Sucuk doner; pure flavour doner trend of this time
As snack after going out as a hearty nutritious meal or a spicy snack: sucuk doner is always delicious. It stands out as a new trendsetter of the “ordinary” doner by the powerful herb and traditional cooking. This perfectly suits the contemporary needs of people for honest and delicious food. As a new product from a tradition of pure flavours, sucuk doner has the perfect taste. You will taste the love of good food.